Threaded Inserts Mounting Tool, Free with new orders!


  • Free Threaded inserts mounting tool included with every order
  • Invented by us and only available at Nectite
  • Effective and Simple to use with detailed written & Video instructions
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Easily Mount Threaded Inserts in Your Guitar With Our Free Tool

This Item will be added to any new threaded inserts order automatically for free, you don’t have to add it to your shopping cart when purchasing any of our guitar screws and guitar inserts.

Finally, we can present you the most effective but also most simple tool that helps you to mount the threaded inserts perfectly, every time. Just push the pin side into the Insert, the hex drive will give perfect grip to turn the insert, and the pin stabilises the part vertically, so its nearly impossible to tilt it during the mounting process. This is crucial for the neck mounting! Tilted inserts will prevent the bolts from “gliding” in smoothly. With this little helper, you will mount threaded inserts perfectly, every time, in minutes!

We strongly recommend to us a drill press. Move the part with the table towards the tool, so the insert is held from the tool sitting on the hole.

Then apply a bit of pressure with the handle, and twist the chuck slowly (motor off!) until the insert sits flush. That’s it! Watch our Video Tutorial on Mounting Guitar Threaded Inserts

Sizes M4, M5 and M3 available.

%guitar neck screws and threaded inserts%

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M3 ( for Mini Inserts), M4, M5